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Digital Transformation for Engineering

The stories of Digital Disruption are prevalent. We can all name companies that have been overcome by new entrants such as Kodak, K-mart, Sears, Nokia, Blackberry, Blockbuster, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Also, we can look at companies that are cannibalizing themselves to compete in today's digital environment with companies like Netflix, Walmart, and Kroger.

Engineering will not escape the trend of digital disruption. Never in our history has the opportunity been greater than today to explore and learn fast to bring ever better products to market.

This is made possible by a combination of factors like compute power, improved simulation, IoT, generative design, and additive manufacturing.

These technologies are only the starting point though. Intelligent agents that build and learn will dominate the next generation of engineering. At XPERIX, we like to think of AlphaGo Zero as an example. In a matter of days, it went from knowing the basics of the famous Chinese game, Go, to becoming the master of the game.

What if similar techniques could be applied by a competitor while engineering a product in your same category? Yes, you should be scared right now...

Many companies continue to miss out on the opportunity presented in front of them to leverage digital engineering technologies that are proven and exist today. These solutions can transform current engineering productivity with gains of 25% - 80%. Imagine the improved customer experience if you new product was delivered in 1/5th of the current time.

Leaders need to realize that your perceived walls surrounding your dominate market position are more fragile than ever before. Upstarts and laggards with a proven strategy will be able to overcome their current deficiencies and topple those walls and begin to build walls of their own.

XPERIX provides the expertise and foresight to create and execute a strategy with our clients to quickly improve product performance and engineering productivity. Learn more about a few of our strategies in our latest webinar.

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