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“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” - William Pollard


This is the unrelenting mission of XPERIX. 


Our goal is to jointly make our clients world class.  To become the disruptor rather than upended by digital disruption.


It is a simple formula.

Your product & customer knowledge + XPERIX digital process knowledge = 10%-50% improved process / product

We use a broad set of digital tools to improve software and product engineering. 

We co-create your next generation products and business processes to stay ahead.

We provide a daily dose of value to educate your workforce of the "art of the possible".

Put our 40 years of experience in creating digital twins through the use of ALM, simulation, PLM, and CAD at XPERIX to use and lead you through a process to create new value and next generation products and processes. 



Discover Our Expertise

XPERIX provides services to digitally transform your engineering process and products.  XPERIX works with clients to define key objectives for product and process re-engineering.  We create and execute a strategy for joint success. 


Couple your industry and product knowledge with our digital engineering expertise for better products.  

Is what you are building an order of magnitude better?  Are you redefining the existing norms of your industry? 

Start your digital transformation for engineering today with a free consultation - Book now.

Achieve Your Goals

ALM, PLM, CAD, CAE, Simultion Solutions

Expert Guidance

Digital Transformation for Engineeing Solutions

Continuous Value

ALM, PLM, CAD, CAE, Simulaton Renewals

Valued Network

ALM, PLM, CAD, CAE, Simulation support


Contact us for ALM and PLM Support

Rochester, MI 48307 USA


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