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Customer Renewals

Making you priority #1


A handshake and the deal is done.  The end or the start of the relationship?

Have you ever had a great sales experience and terrible support?  You aren't alone.  We're working to flip the switch to make the post-sales experience as good as or better than the sales experience.

XPERIX believes that the first "deal closure" is the start of our relationship.  We want to make the post-sale and long-term relationship more rewarding that the buying process.  We are investing in improving this process:


  • Proactive updates on product changes and monitoring of your existing licenses

  • Proactive opportunities for cost savings

  • Product rationalization for consistent software modules across your organization

  • Complimentary products that could add highest value at lowest cost

  • Service with a smile


If you are looking for a premium support experience at no cost to you, you should consider making the switch to XPERIX.

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