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Sales and Marketing Services

Sales through scale


High quality salespeople are not a commodity.  Great salespeople possess a collection of qualities that make them effective.  Too often these skills are only put to use a very small percentage of the time, in our experience less than 10% of the time is spent utilizing these skills.

The rest of the time is filled with target identification, message creation, administrative tasks, and other mundane tasks that neither excite nor motivate great salespeople.  They spend the majority of the day on items that are not their strength.  XPERIX works to eliminate these tasks to create qualified leads so that great salespeople can do what they do best - take people with clear interest to deal closure and product usage.

Two measures to track our effectiveness are: an increase in revenue per sales representative and a decrease in sales representative engagement to deal closure.

XPERIX uses the same techniques that we are using to grow our customer base to help you grow yours.  All this while working to make your sales team more productive, more motivated, and ultimately more successful.

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