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Digital Disruption. Is It All Just Noise?

Digital Disruption. Is It All Just Noise?

Do you ever turn it off? Does it ever become so much that you just start to tune it out? Do you cover your ears? Cover your eyes? Try not to laugh? Has it all become too much hype?

Ya, we live in an over-hyped, hyper-exposed, is this "real" or "fake" society. It becomes hard to discern what is truth vs. fiction, when you should take action or wait for the "next big thing". So, ya I get it... I understand your plight... I understand why you think the sky may not be falling or the time may not be now...

The result, in action. The result, missed opportunity. The result, humankind suffers.

Like the planes over our cities, in the flight path of daily life, the noise can be unbearable, unrelenting, unnerving, all encompassing, but we need to try to suppress it. We need to find a way like NASA did to see beyond and break through the traditional barriers.

Who doesn't want quieter planes, quieter cities, and a bit of peace of mind? Who doesn't want a product that is 70% better than before?

But how? They've been making planes for years, why hasn't this been done before? You know, we have a lot of very smart people that work here, I'm sure we've explored this. I can't believe there is truly that much opportunity? But there is...

Yes, we know there is a lot of noise, but the opportunity is tremendous. I am trying to validate how the "70 percent improvement" came about. My hypothesis is that Digital Engineering led the way. The basis of the improvement was simulated before it was ever physically built. If you know please let us know at

If my hypothesis is correct, it is another point of validation that we are on the cusp of a Digital Engineering revolution like the world has never seen. It is not "fake" or "noise", it is REAL!

For those that want their "70 percent day" in the not so distant future, call us - 248.247.0055.

Brian Vince


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