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Will you fight against death? Will you fight for life?

This is not a blog post on pro-life or pro-choice. It is an exploration of a mindset and the impact on business and attitude. It is a potential determinate of your long-term well being.

We all know of the person that lived a so-called "hard life". They were careless of their inputs: smoke, alcohol, food types, and so on. Yet, they lived to a ripe old age in good working order. They are triumphed as justification for inaction.

Our hearts ache with sadness for those who worked hard to live clean and pure yet, their bodies faded to early. They leave us to early and we question why?

Life parallels business in so many ways. Bad businesses sometimes do succeed and seemingly well-run businesses sometimes do not last. What is important is to not focus our energy and attention on the fringes as the world and body is complex and we may never fully understand the extent of why.

We can look at the broader picture and understand the data that shows the path for more probable outcomes. So I ask "Will you fight against death? or Will you fight for life?"

We are in very uncertain times. Thousands of companies are in their late 30's or 40's with kids. They are progressing, they're achieving some level of success. Life is full with activities, so full that we may not have realized that some things have slipped. Maybe it is a bit more stress with not enough stress relief. Maybe it is a waistline that is slowly ballooning. Maybe it is a heart that hasn't had a workout in a while. Life is good, the economy is good, we are on the upswing, but without some change, father time will catch up with us in the next 15-20 years.

#DigitalTransformation #innovation #engineering

Companies are facing the same challenge. Are they staying abreast with the onslaught of change from robotics to blockchain to cloud to quantum computing to AI to VR to 3D printing to IoT to you name it... Things are changing fast and our lives are full. How do we fit in and not become the laughing stock of our kids that somehow we don't get Snapchat or talk incessantly to our devices? How do we not get old? How do we fight for life?


Each time I think that I've created time for myself, along comes a throwback to invade my private space. - Wole Syinka, Nobel Prize Winner in Literature


Yes , even though we may want to take a deep breath, we can't. The disruption of the digital enterprise is upon us. We must determine a way to move to a world where the business experience is a good as the consumer experience. It is the expectation of our next generation workforce. It is the expectation of our current customer base if we want them to remain tomorrow's customers. It is the expectation of ourselves to fight for life. We need to choose this path because if we do not, unless we are lucky, we will be fighting against death. We'll be having to lose the 40 pounds after our cholesterol is too high or we are nearing a diabetic state.

We have a tremendous opportunity to look at ourselves and make the shift to a digital world for our companies. To enable new processes that are an order of magnitude better. To leverage the massive amounts of compute power to explore new design alternates to create the next generation of devices and solutions that will make our lives better.

We have the ability to connect these devices to provide more insights into how our solutions are used to enhance the user experience, to save lives, reduce a daily frustration, to make someone smile and say thanks for living in a time of such wonderful innovation.

At XPERIX, we are tackling these issues head-on. We are fighting for life. We are working with our clients with known methods for massive gains to bestow the company to the next generation in good health. Fighting for life rather than against death.

The Digital Transformation is upon us. A new world of engineering is ready to be tackled that will change the way that your future product will be experienced, look, and feel.

If your product or process is not 20%, 50% or 200% better than the one before - opportunity awaits. A new world is waiting for you. We would love to help you fight for life.

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