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Basics (6)

Introduction to Polarion Portal

Searching your Polarion Portal

Getting started with the Wiki

Traceability Basics

Logging work time with Work Records

Approval Center Basics


Work Items (5)

Browsing Work Items

Comments & Threads for Work Items

Work Item Queries

Easy Prioritization

Easy Linking for Traceability

Work Items

Documents (8)

Merging LiveDoc Work Items

LiveDoc Documents

Import from Microsoft Word

Round trip from Microsoft Word

Polarion Live-Branch Variant Management

Importing Artifacts from Microsoft Excel

Reusing Documents

Easy Linking for Traceability


Testing (7)

Setting up to use Test Run Workflow

Test Run Signatures

Configuring Test Run Workflow

Test Management Overview

Test Specifications

Test Runs

Executing Manual Test Runs


Projects (2)

Project Basics (Part 1)

Project Basics (Part 2)


Advanced (4)

SCRUM your Requirements

Configure your Personal Working Calendar

Exporting Work Reports

Version Control


Configuration and Administration (4)

Understanding Config & Admin Scope

Customizing Link Roles and Rules

Basic Workflow Configuration

Creating and Changing Timepoints

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