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Femap Flow Solver

Why Femap Flow Solver?

Femap is a windows-native pre/post solution that is affordable and easy to use for finite element analysis.  Femap Flow Solver provide 3D fluid velocity, temperature, pressure and other industry-specific results by solving the Navier-Stokes equations for both steady-state and transient applications.  It uses an efficient and robust elementbased finite volume, multigrid solver enabling simulation of both low-speed and high-speed compressible flows.


The Femap Flow solver capabilities include: 

  • Steady-state and transient analysis (adaptive correction multi-grid solver)

  • Unstructured fluid meshes (supports tetrahedral, brick and wedge element types)

  • Turbulent, laminar and mixed flows

  • CFD solution intermediate results recovery and restart

  • Heat loads and temperature restraints on the fluid

  • Forced, natural and mixed convection

  • Non-Newtonian fluids

  • Fluid buoyancy

  • Multiple enclosures

  • Immiscible fluids and homogeneous gas mixtures

  • Internal and external flows

  • Complete and seamless coupling to Femap Thermal for simulation of conjugate heat transfer (handles disjoint meshes at fluid/solid boundaries)

  • Losses in fluid flow due to screens, filters and other fluid obstructions (including orthotropic porous blockages)

  • Head loss inlets and openings (fixed or proportional to calculated velocity or squared velocity)

These capabilities make it perfect for aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer products, high-tech electronics, medical devices, power generation and process industries.

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