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Femap with NX Nastran

Why Femap with NX Nastran?

Femap with NX Nastran couples a windows-native pre/post solution that is affordable and easy to use for finite element analysis with the powerful NX Nastran solver.  Coupling these capabilities provide and entire solution to solve a wide variety of problems such as :

  • Linear analysis

  • Advanced Non-Linear Analysis

  • Rotor Dynamic Analysis

  • Dynamic Analysis

  • Aeroelastic Analysis

  • Optimization

  • Composites

  • Couple physics

  • NVH

  • Buckling Analysis

  • Spot Weld Analysis

  • Accelerated Acoustic Coupling

  • Heat transfer analysis (steady-state and transient)

  • Superelements analysis

These strengths make it perfect for larger structures where multiple team members may be working on the same model and solving simple and complex simulations.

Also, check the other solution in Femap:


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