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Engineering Desktop

Why Engineering Desktop?

The complexity of predictive engineering analytics is increasing.  Engineers need to perform complex analyses and ensure that the digital twin matches the physical counterpart.  Consequently, a wide variety of applications are needed to support most engineering design problems.  The Engineering Desktop provides an open framework with standard integration to leading analysis tools such as Simcenter 3D, Ansys, LS-Dyna, Abaqus, and MSC.Nastran.


The open approach enables companies to invest in a standard process while utilizing the advantages of unique predicitive solutions.  This flexibility enables companies to streamline the collaborative approach between engineering and analyst teams.  Also, it provides an opportunity to automate processes to offload work from advanced analysts to junior analysts, engineers and designers. 


Simcenter 3D

Engineering Desktop

Simcenter 3D


Simcenter 3D

for NX Nastran 

Simcenter 3D


Simcenter 3D

for LS-Dyna

Simcenter 3D

for Samcef

Simcenter 3D

for Abaqus

Simcenter 3D

for MSC Nastran 

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