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Why Requirements?

For too long requirements, product plans, and specifications have been managed in documents, tables, and databases that are isolated from the other product development systems.  With Teamcenter, requirements become an integral part of the product lifecycle.  They become not only traceable across other requirements, but they provide linkages directly to the other artifacts that are a part of the product development process.  These could be but are not limited to: parts, processes, CAD geometry, verification rules and checks, and test plans.  Teamcenter allows requirements to be managed individually vs. in a monolithic document and provide their own lifecycle.

Teamcenter provides capabilities for the following:

  • Author in place in the structure

  • Easy linking of requirements and other artifacts

  • Easy navigation of requirements and associated links

  • Change control around requirements

  • Collaboration across teams and approvals for requirements suggestions / edits

Eliminate your silos of information.  Ensure that you have complete traceability from product management to validation.


Curated Information

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