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Structures - Linear, Non-linear and Fatigue Simulation & Analysis

Why Structures?

Structures is used to understand how your product reacts against stress and vibration.  As companies used mixed materials to support new objectives, it is important to have as system that can provide multiple types of analysis in one solution such as:

  • linear

  • non-linear

  • fatigue

Simcenter 3D provides this capability while being able to utilize other solvers in the same environment such as:


  • LS-Dyna

  • Abaqus

  • Samcef

  • MSC Nastran

Ensure that you product will meet the strenuous demands of your customers.


Simcenter 3D Structures Brochure

Simcenter 3D


Simcenter 3D Nonlinear Solver Brochure

Simcenter 3D

Nonlinear Solver

Simcenter 3D for NX Nastran Brochure

Simcenter 3D

for NX Nastran

Simcenter 3D for MSC Nastran Brochure

Simcenter 3D

for MSC Nastran

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