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Electrical and Piping Routing

Why Electrical and Piping Routing?

Most if not all items are connected in some way.  Their connections is what creates the overall system.  Creating and managing these interfaces is becoming increasing complex and the number of interactions to complete a desired function increase.

Siemens NX is making the design of these interfaces easier and more intelligent as the complexity grows. 

Also, the NX platform has expanded its capability to support the development of P&ID information as well as managing it inside of the Teamcenter collaborative design platform.


NX Nastran Advanced Acoustics Brochure

NX P&ID Designer

Simcenter 3D Acoustic Transfer Vector Brochure

Wire Harness Management

Simcenter 3D Acoustics Accelerated BEM solvers Brochure

Design Data Management

Simcenter 3D Acoustics BEM Solver Brochure

NX Electrical and Mechanical Routing

Curated Information

Next Generation Routing - Part 2

Next Generation Routing - Part 4

Constrained Curvature Radius

Place Multiple Elbows

P&ID Intro

Next Generation Routing - Part 3

Bulk Replacements

Refresh Stock

Diagramming to 3D

P&ID Library

Spline Path Tangency

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