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Model Based Defintion

Why Model Based Definition?

We're nearing 2 decades in the new millennium, yet, we've been slow to adopt new practices.  This could not be more true in looking at 2D drawings as the master.   Let's move beyond drawings and to - Model Based Definition.​

Model Based Definition provides the ability to take all of the data that was on a 2D drawing such as GD&T and manufacturing notes and apply them to the 3D CAD model.

Siemens NX does a great job of this with what they call PMI - Product & Manufacturing Information.

In some ways PMI reduce the opportunity for misinterpretation of the data.  With 2D drawings, often multiple views are needed to communicate information related about a specific feature.  This is easier to represent in a single view with PMI.

Curated Information

NX Convert Drawings to PMI

NX Convert to PMI - Long

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