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Industrial Design

Why Industrial Design?

What you see... how you interact...  how useful is it... is it timeless...​

Above are just a few aspects of what you captures industrial design.  Think about the last time you said that you just loved something.  Was it due to one of these aspects or likely a combination of them.

What make Industrial Design interesting within NX is that it is not a standalone module.  It has powerful features in its own right like Realize Shape & Subdivision Modeling but is purposely built on the core of NX.

It enables very interesting intersections to take place with product design.  One of these is show in the example below where new surfaces can be applied to complex geometries like a car grill and have them update.  This reduces the overall time between industrial design and product design leading to faster times to market.

Realize Shape provide intuitive methods to create and enhance for industrial designers.

Convergent Modeling enables Industrial Designs to use scan data and enhance it to create new designs.  They are no longer constrained by having to work with faceted data only and can bounce between faceted models and parametric geometry.

This coupled with technologies like Additive Manufacturing provide a unique advantage for Industrial Design teams to prototype and validate their designs quickly.​



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