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PDM - Product Data Management

Product Data Management, PDM is the practice of managing the information related to a product typically in a database.  The data is organized so that it can be easily searched and traversed with relationships between data objects.  This linking is a key aspect of product data management so that complex analyses can be performed to control the change process.


The information contained in the system can be Computer Aided Design (CAD) models for both electrical and mechanical, 1D plant models, parts, bill of materials, specifications, requirements, documents and other product related information.


PDM Business Process Definition

- Define business process to assign work

- Create linear and / or parallel steps to approve and release work

PDM Collaboration

- Enable distribution and access to data across the globe

- Connect partners into a single environment to manage update to product information

- Search across all product related information in a single system

PDM Security

- Control data access

- Control the ability to update vs. view specific data

- Limit data access and exposure to specific teams and / or partners

Benefits of a PDM

- Reduce time finding information

- Eliminate working on the out-of-date information

- Increase time working on value creation activities vs. communicating current state

- Improve collaboration with product design ecosystem

- Improve your change control process


 For more information on how to start your journey for PDM, visit our Teamcenter Rapid Start for PDM page.

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