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Computer Aided Design

Make your designs come to life Siemens NX software.  Use NX to create a digital twin of your product.  NX can create 3D model to support your mechanical engineering process.  It is fully capable to create 3D CAD models, CAD drawings, 3D rendering, and smart electro-mechanical products.  NX provides capabilities for CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), CMM programming, and robotics programming.


NX works in concert with Simcenter and its' broad portfolio of simulation (CAE) capabilities.


NX continues to lead the industry with innovations like synchronous technology, realize shape, convergent modeling, ELMA (integrated mechanical-electrical), visual reporting and many more innovations.  These technologies accelerate the design process to enable you to bring new innovations and new products to market faster.

Support next generations processes today with NX:

  • Generative Design

  • Integrated Electro-Mechanical Design

  • Multiphysics Modeling

  • Hybrid Modeling

  • Simulation Driven Design

  • Model Based Design

Improve your engineering efficiency across engineering, simulation, and manufacturing with NX!


Unleash your ideas

Design teams no longer need to be constrained with rigid modeling concepts.  NX provides design freedom to model your product faster and realize new iterations quicker.  Hybrid modeling modes meets today's needs for next generation processes like Additive Manufacturing, Generative Design and Simulation Driven Design.

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Simulation Products

CAD By Product

NX @ Local Motors

See how Local Motors is disrupting the industry with their use of NX.

NX in Manufacturing

Learn the massive improvements in productivity that can be achieved using the NX platform. Reduce up to to 60% machine time.


Why NX

Bring your ideas to life faster

​NX solutions help companies design, simulate and manufacture better products faster by enabling smarter decisions in an integrated product development environment:

  • Increase the number of new products introduced

  • Reduce development time by more than 30%

  • Shorten design-analysis iterations by more than 70%

  • Reduce NC programming, machining and tool design time by more than 30%

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